Child care worker’s fingerprints wrongly flagged

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The DCYF said it was an “unfortunate” incident that a week’s worth of pay went down the drain for one child care worker who was wrongly flagged by the DCYF.

Kristin Rankl works two part-time jobs in child care, doesn’t have a criminal record and her fingerprints have never been flagged before.

On September 28, she said she went into the DCYF office with two co-workers for routine background checks and was given the all-clear.

A few weeks later, Rankl’s boss was contacted by the DCYF saying that there was a hit on her fingerprints and she couldn’t work, according to Rankl.

“Basically, the most frustrating part was that I have three children of my own. I’m expecting my fourth in 12 weeks, and I lost a week of work for no reason at all. That’s a decent chunk of money,” Rankl said.

According to a spokesperson for the DCYF, the agency “made a routine monitoring visit to the child care center and found that three child care staff did not have fingerprints on file.” That is against licensing regulations.

After phone calls and emails, Rankl was re-fingerprinted at the Woonsocket Police Department and received the all-clear to go back to work.

She called Call 12 for Action to get an answer as to why the incident happened in the first place. When asked, the DCYF said that such data is not tracked and that their “highest priority is to ensure the safety of children in our care, so our staff always takes all steps necessary to ensure that a child care worker and their center are in compliance with our licensing regulations.”