Man finds stolen stroller, returns it to family

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — A young girl got her specialized stroller back hours after it was stolen Wednesday, thanks to a man who came across it on the sidewalk.

Lisa Mack says she and her husband Calvin got the custom-made stroller for their seven-year-old daughter Kaitlin in September. Kaitlin has cerebral palsy, and her mother says the $5,000 stroller works better for Kaitlin than a wheelchair.

On Wednesday morning, Calvin said he brought out the stroller to take Kaitlin to school. He went back inside their home to get her, and when he carried her outside, the stroller was gone.

“How can you have a hear, especially during the holidays, to take something like that from a little girl?” Calvin said Wednesday.stroller-returned

Lisa Mack filed a police report, an posted notices around the neighborhood and social media.

Those postings are how Jeffrey Hopkins learned that the stroller, which he found laying on the sidewalk about six blocks away, had an owner.

“I knew it wasn’t a baby stroller,” Hopkins said. “If it was, it looked pretty expensive.”

Wednesday night, Hopkins returned the stroller to the Macks.

“By the grace of God, and good people like Jeff, it’s back,” Lisa said. “I thank him very much.”