Pell calls for more information on alleged Russian electoral interference

Clay Pell has signed a letter asking U.S. intelligence officials for more information on alleged Russian interference in the presidential election. (WPRI photo)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Electoral College member and former candidate for governor Clay Pell is one of ten electors who have signed a letter asking for more information on allegations that Russia interfered in the presidential election.

The request comes just days after four senators, including Democrat Jack Reed, issued a joint statement calling for a Congressional investigation into a report from the CIA that concluded that the Russian government directed efforts to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign in order to help elect Donald Trump.

In their open letter, the electors asked intelligence officials to release more information on the alleged Russian involvement.

“The Electors require to know from the intelligence community whether there are ongoing investigations into ties between Donald Trump, his campaign or associates, and Russian government interference in the election, the scope of those investigations, how far those investigations may have reached, and who was involved in those investigations. We further require a briefing on all investigative findings, as these matters directly impact the core factors in our deliberations of whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve as President of the United States.”

Pell co-signed the letter along with nine other electors.

“In our view, this is really an attack on our country and an attack on our democracy,” he said Monday night.

President-elect Trump’s team has dismissed the allegations, and Trump himself Tweeted about the claims that Russia influenced the election in his favor:

Pell told Eyewitness News that he wanted to see all the information that American intelligence services had before electors cast their ballots on January 6.

“It’s premature for people, in the absence of information to be rejecting it or not,” he said. “Let’s see what it is, then we can say is it reasonable, did this happen, and if it did, what happened and what does that mean for us as a country and how are we going to protect ourselves not only in this election, but in the future.”

Joseph McNamara, Chairman of the Rhode Island Democratic Party, also weighed in on the issue Monday.

“The very integrity of our 240-year old system of government depends upon a full understanding of what role hostile foreign governments – namely, Russia – had in influencing the outcome of this election, and making sure it never happens, again,” McNamara said in a written statement Monday night.