Boater rescued after boat capsized

CHATHAM, Mass (WPRI) — A boater was rescued after his boat capsized outside the Chatham Bar, which is off the coast of Cape Cod.

A 20-foot boat went down at around 4 p.m. Tuesday.

The sole person on board managed to get off the boat and onto a sandbar, where he waited for help.

The Harbormaster found the man, but was unable to reach him due to shallow water.

A Coast Guard helicopter was called in to hoist the man to safety.

“There was an outstanding mutual response by both the Chatham Harbormaster and Coast Guard units working together to rescue this man,” said Lt. Jarrod Pomajzl from Sector Southeastern New England.

The boat is still in the water, so the Coast Guard issued a warning for other boaters to avoid that spot.