Patriots Day movie actor, director discuss what the movie means for Boston

(WPRI) — The movie Patriots Day works to detail the horrific events of the Boston Marathon Bombing and offer a message of love, hope and inspiration about how the city of Boston was able to come together when hate tried to tear it apart.

The film, capturing everything from the bombings through the hunt for the bombers, premiered on Wednesday in Boston.

“We were committed to getting it right and we wanted to make sure that we honor the men and women of Boston,” said actor Mark Wahlberg in an interview for Eyewitness News Reporter Kelly Sullivan with Director Peter Berg. The events that occurred on April 15 and the hunt that ensued in the following days was highly researched.

Directors and producers created the movie as a tribute to the bravery, courage, and hope of first responders, victims and their families leading up to and following the Boston Marathon bombing.

Director Peter Berg knew he was creating a film that would provoke intense emotions for a lot of people that remember the event. “We believe there’s a line of taste that you don’t cross, we didn’t cross it. We find that the tears that we see and the hugs that we get after this movie are good tears.”

Everyone involved made a conscious effort to make sure the film wouldn’t upset survivors or glorify the bombers.

Former Boston Police Commissioner said he thinks the movie is great. “I think they nailed it. I think they squeezed an enormous amount of detail into two hours,” he said.

Two survivors also got a chance to publicly comment:

“You know I thought that the survivors were going to have the hardest time with the graphic scenes of the bombing, and actually what I heard mostly was that it was so hard to see the bombers on screen. They really struggled with that.” said Jessica Kensky.

Patrick Downes, another survivor, also said, “The whole idea of terrorism is to kill and maim, and then also to pull us apart. I hope that in some way that telling our stories that we can be ambassadors for how peaceful and loving societies really do win out.”