Recreational use of marijuana legal in Massachusetts

BOSTON (AP) — It is now legal in Massachusetts for adults to possess, grow and use limited amounts of recreational marijuana.

While the voter-approved law took effect Thursday, it will be at least another year before the state issues retail licenses to sell the drug.

For now, that leaves recreational users with little choice but to buy it from illegal dealers.

“I fully anticipate a black market will get expanded into Rhode Island,” said RI Attorney General Peter Kilmartin. The marijuana laws didn’t change in Rhode Island.

Kilmartin added that they will be on the lookout for more black market activity.

In Rhode Island, some law enforcement officials are concerned that more car crashes could happen by people driving high.

“We are so close and we share so much of a border, my hope is those who do partake in it in Massachusetts don’t drive anywhere,” stated Kilmartin.