Tips to keep your pets warm this winter

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — As you bundle up to brave the cold, don’t forget about your pets.

“A dog goes out there basically without any type of outerwear protection,” said Dr. Finocchio with the RISPCA. Therefore, don’t keep pets out there for long.

“Even dogs that are healthy, you want to avoid taking them for their daily walks that are long distances outside because those temperatures can be detrimental to their well-being,” he said.

Finocchio’s advice is even more important when your pet is sick, overweight, young or old.

Your dog won’t mind missing a day or two’s walking if it means avoiding the cold. The most important things to do are keep them inside, hydrated, and fed.

“These animals will need a little bit more food to keep their body temperatures normal,” said Finocchio.

Cats actually are better at surviving the colder weather than dogs are.

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