Rhode Island electors cast 4 votes for Clinton

Madeleine Wright | WPRI-TV

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP/WPRI) — Rhode Island’s four members of the U.S. Electoral College have cast their votes for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The four Democratic electors voted Monday at the Rhode Island State House for Clinton, who won the state’s popular vote by more than 15 percentage points over Republican Donald Trump.

“Because I believe she is the most capable president, I will continue to support Hillary Clinton,” said Electoral College member Grace Diaz at the Statehouse.

Another elector, Clay Pell, also said, “This is not about changing the outcome. This is about defending the will of the people.”

The electors also passed a motion asking Congress and the president-elect for an independent, bipartisan investigation into Russian interference into the election.

All 538 members of the Electoral College are meeting in their respective states Monday to formally elect Trump president.

Protesters carrying anti-Trump signs watched from the gallery as the vote occurred, and they and others cheered loudly when votes were cast for Clinton.