Local animal rescue loses license

LINCOLN, R.I. (WPRI) — A local animal rescue has lost their license and was fined tens of thousands of dollars, yet the owner said they have done nothing wrong.

Amna Memon, the owner of Broken Tail Foster & Rescue in Lincoln, told Eyewitness News that she will be appealing the violations and the $63,100 in fines.

While there are no dogs at the rescue right now, Memon said her goal is to “look out for the dogs who aren’t really paid attention to.”

Broken Tail is run out of the basement of Memon and her husband, James Baribeu’s, retail pet supply store and kennel–Oh My Dog.

According to Dr. Scott Marshall, RI State Veterinarian, “they failed to report a highly contagious disease, K9 parvovirus, That was only disclosed after extensive questioning during one of our inspections,” he said.

The notice of violation accused the couple of violating a quarantine order, failing to keep sanitation logs, and failing to maintain adequate ventilation.

The DEM also stated that the Broken Tail rescue imported dogs “without valid certificates of veterinary inspection.”

Memon denies this all. “It’s like we’re being treated like we’re criminals,” she said. “We just save dogs. That’s literally all we did. We tried to save a lot of dogs.”