Local church forms special bond with Aleppo church

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WPRI) – A local church has developed a special bond with a parish in war-torn Aleppo.

At Mass on Sunday, the St. Thomas More parish community focused on global peace.

Fr. Marcel Taillon also shared a video update from Father Fattal of St. George Church in Aleppo, the Syrian city that’s been under assault during that country’s civil war. In May, he came to Rhode Island to meet some of the people praying for his church.

“The Christians are so persecuted there, two levels of difficulty, the economy is gone but people don’t have jobs or food,” Taillon said. “Simple things, often when the Priests are communicating you hear the shelling behind them, it’s always over the City, very frequently, usually before Dawn is when most of the problems are.”

For the last year, the St. Thomas More community has collected money for humanitarian aid to Saint George and the 850 children trapped on the western side of Aleppo.

“It’s the oldest part of the Church. John the Baptist is buried there, St. Paul’s conversion was from Dismascus, so the Catholic Church roots are in Syria is the homeland of Christianity,” Taillon said. “It really humbles you and makes you really understand Christmas and what it’s really about and I think. Pray for the end of war and pray for peace.”