UHIP sees improvements but problems continue

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Months after the state’s transition to the UHIP computer systems, problems remain.

Elizabeth Roberts from the RI Executive Office of Heath and Human Services is trying to remain optimistic. “The old system was largely paper-based and for decades it failed to keep up with technology. In the long run, the new system will work far better for providers, but I know this is little consolation for many that we are hearing from on a daily basis,” she said.

A few months ago, the state had more than 700 pending applications for long-term care. Officials stated the number is now down below 400.

“There’s still too many,” stated Roberts.

Backlog has lead to long lines at the DHS office and delayed payments to a number of care centers, including nursing homes.

“We are working closely with the nursing homes and 43 of them have received payments directly for people who are already enrolled, already residents, but have not been determined eligible. We determined them eligible and made an interim payment to lessen their need,” Roberts said.