Tobin expresses concern over Trump presidency


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Three years ago, Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence Thomas Tobin made headlines when he switched from being a Democrat to a Republican. But that didn’t mean he voted that way in November’s presidential election.

Last year, Tobin said that if Donald Trump were to be the Republican nominee, he could not see himself voting for him. In this week’s edition of WPRI 12’s Newsmakers, Tobin confirmed he stood by that decision.

“I was concerned and I continue to be concerned about his preparedness for office and his competence,” Tobin said. “I hope he proves me wrong, but I’m just concerned by his temperament and by his experience, whether or not he’s prepared to assume this critical and very powerful and very important office.”

“His attacks on minority groups, his approach to a lot of issues showed very little prudence, very little patience,” he continued. “These are virtues he will need as president.”

Watch: Thomas Tobin on WPRI 12's Newsmakers »
Watch: Thomas Tobin on WPRI 12’s Newsmakers »

In the past, Tobin has not shied away from voicing his opinion on politics, but he said he does not think the church is the right place to endorse specific parties or candidates.

“There is fine line, though, isn’t there? With talking about issues, which we have every right and, indeed, the obligation to do, and bleeding over to particular parties and candidates,” said Tobin. “While we talk about issues, we try not to get too involved in particular candidates or parties.”

So who got Tobin’s vote for president? The bishop said he believes he wrote in Pope Francis.

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