National Grid prepares for incoming storm

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Pinpoint Weather Team is reporting that wind gusts up to 50 mph along with heavy rain could hit RI and Southern Massachusetts on Thursday. National Gird said Wednesday that they are already prepared for any problems that strong wind could cause.

“We have 13 crews that will be working through the night and then come Friday morning we’ll have our regular contingent of crews available to us. We also have about 25 tree crews in case we have trees or large limbs that come down,” stated National Grid spokesperson David Graves.

National Grid also reminded the public that safety still comes first even if residents lose power and resort to generators.

“Make sure that the generator is located outside of your house and that it operates a safe distance from your house so that carbon monoxide does not build up back into the building. It can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. So be very careful. Think about your safety and the safety of your family,” said Graves.

Also, Graves said that if you lose power, turn off all your appliances and leave one light on so you will know when it returns.

While Rhode Island will see rain, central and western Massachusetts could receive multiple inches of snow.

“Please remember that motorists are required to lower speeds in bad weather,” said Col. Richard McKeon.

MassDOT will also release a new campaign on electric billboards, which will say “Don’t Crowd the Plow.”

Officials stated that eight plows have already been hit this winter by cars trying to pass.

Report power outages or downed lines by calling 800-465-1212.