Rhody Round up: How are those resolutions going?

Rhody Round up

It’s time now for the Rhody Roundup!
We’re chatting about some of the headlines making the rounds this week.
Our panel this morning was local comedian Andrew Williams, Julie Tremaine of “Hey Rhody“, local filmmaker Tom Denucci.

– A new survey shows that Americans are looking to cook dinner at home more this year especially millennials.
Did you set any resolutions? Did you break any already?

– The holidays are behind us, and the real winter weather has set in.
Do you get a little down this time of year? Like, winter blues? Or do you love it?

– Apparently, Tinder is so last year.
Overall, 2016 was a bad year for online dating, because the market is over-saturated with apps!
Do you think online dating is the way to go now? Or should we all go back to the old school style?