Call 12 for Action gets to the bottom of school exam miscommunication

(WPRI) — A local woman was unable to apply for a job in her field for months after she finished her training because she was unable to take the certification test through her school.

Katelyn Pendergrass spent $14,000 for classes and that national test to become certified in phlebotomy, or drawing blood.

Pendergrass told the Call 12 for Action team that the school had canceled multiple times on her scheduled exam.

Pendergrass’s certificate was dated September 8, 2016. She said that the first of three attempts to take the exam was in October.

“I call all the time. There’s no one there,” she stated. “I show up, there’s no one there, the door is locked. Lights off. ”

It was when Pendergrass felt that she was just wasting time after the third attempt that she called Call 12 for Action.

The owner of the school, Reginald Bastien, explained to Call 12 for Action that the problem began when Pendergrass wasn’t able to take the exam when the rest of her class did. He continued to acknowledge there was a misunderstanding between Katelyn and his employee who was supposed to schedule the exam.

Within days of the call with Bastien, Pendergrass was able to take the test.

The Call 12 for Action team checked with the Attorney General’s office and found that no other consumer complaints had been filed against the school, which is licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Health.