Company notifying defibrillator owners about unexpected shutoffs

(Photo from Physio-Control, Inc.)

(WPRI) — A Washington state manufacturer is issuing notifications to owners of some models of its defibrillators because of reports the devices have shut down unexpectedly while patients were being treated.

Physio-Control of Redmond, Wash., said owners of the LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator need to start removing and inspecting batteries, as indicated in the units’ operating instructions.

Connections between the battery and device become intermittent due to device wear and oxidation of the electrical contacts. Devices that are exposed to vibration and have a non-rechargeable battery installed for long periods of time are more susceptible to the issue.

Physio-Control said in a product notice last week they received 34 reports where LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillators shut down when users were trying to operate them, and 8 “adverse events” related to this issue had occurred.

The company is now contacting customers; they recommend removing and replacing the battery on a weekly basis.

The company is determining what fix they can offer to eliminate the shutdown issue, and will contact owners when a hardware solution is found.