AFC Championship game brings more business to RI

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Sunday’s AFC Championship game in Foxboro could also be profitable for local businesses in Rhode Island.

State officials say they have been encouraging Steelers fans to stay in Providence this weekend.

Although the team will not be staying in the capital city, the production crews have been there all week.

“If you get to host both games, a lot of times the crew will stay the whole week so that was the case this week,” said John Gibbons of the Rhode Island Sports Commission. “One of the hotels in Providence got to hang on to the business for the week. If you actually look for hotel rooms in Providence, they’re selling at a premium well over $200, some nudging $300, which is a substantial boost to what we normally charge this time of year.”

Gibbons also says Pittsburgh is a good team to host because they’re just close enough for fans to make a trip and so Providence has been advertised on social media in Steeler country this week.

There are a few other events also happening in Providence. Close to 10,000 people have also been in the Capital City for a cheerleading competition this week, which has also put hotel rooms in high demand.

This weekend is also Restaurant Week, which means Providence can expect an influx of visitors over the next 48 hours.