RI’ers for Immigration Law Enforcement support Trump’s reform

Protesters gather at the State House for a rally against President Trump's refugee ban. (Kim Kalunian/WPRI)

(WPRI) – The organization “Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement” are standing by President Donald Trump’s controversial executive immigration order, and say people shouldn’t be surprised the President is sticking with his rhetoric on the campaign trail.

While protesters gather across the country in airports and at the state house here in Rhode Island, Executive Director of RIILE William Gorman says he supports President Trump’s enforcement of strict immigration laws.

“I didn’t talk with President Trump, but that’s what it seems like,” Gorman tells Eyewitness News. “It seems like someone finally listened.”

Since 2006, Gorman says his group has been advocating for existing laws to be better enforced. The group says the president’s executive actions are accepted by those who support tougher immigration laws and an extreme vetting process.

“We’re not against anyone,” says Gorman. “We’re not against any particular group or anything like that.”

Gorman clarifies where his views differ from those of the president, saying he’s most concerned about the expense illegal immigrants pose on American taxpayers. He wishes President Trump would allow people already in transit to the United States be permitted inside the country, rather than detaining people at airports, then move forward with his executive order.

“They’re here illegally, they’re working illegally, they’re driving illegally, and they’re staying illegally,” says Gorman. “They’re telling our lawmakers that right to their face and nothing gets done.”

Gorman says he wants the government’s e-verify system to be used, which requires businesses to ensure their employees are legal U.S. residents. At the same time, he struggles to understand opposition around the country.

“He said he was going to do it in his campaign and now he signs an executive order to do it,” said Gorman. “They knew it was coming, where were all the protests before?”