Siri says Patriots will win the Super Bowl, fans agree

Siri says the odds are in the Patriots' favor to win the Super Bowl.

FOXBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — With the Super Bowl less than 24 hours away, the big question on many football fans’ minds is obvious: who will win Sunday’s big game?

Siri, the built-in electronic”assistant” on Apple products, seems to have an answer.

“If you ask Siri she’ll say that the Patriots are going to win by three points,” 10-year-old Rushil Mohan told Eyewitness News while shopping with his family at Patriots Place in Foxoboro Saturday.

So, we put it to the test, asking Siri who will win the Super Bowl.

“Apparently, the odds favor the Patriots over the Falcons by three points,” Siri said in reply.

Mohan, a big Patriots fan, said he hopes the prediction is true.

“I have trust for once in Siri that it’s right,” he said.

Apple said fans can ask Siri a whole slew of Super Bowl themed questions this year.