Charity: Thieves stole our trailer used to help the needy

Photo: Gates of Hope Inc./Facebook

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — A charitable organization in Fall River is seeking the public’s help after it was targeted by thieves over the weekend.

Using a wooden trailer, Gates of Hope Inc. delivers canned goods to food banks, churches, and elderly living facilities so they can be distributed to those in need.

Surveillance footage captured a pair of suspects over the weekend hitching the trailer up to a vehicle and driving off, according to Faith Scallion, the organization’s president and co-founder.

“We give stuff away for free and help people,” she said. “And to have somebody just come and steal our property like that, I was just shocked.”

Scallion said the trailer, worth about $1,000, was locked up in a parking lot at the nonprofit’s headquarters on Flint Street. She believes it was taken at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday, having discovered it missing on Sunday.

“It must have been some type of a strong bolt cutter,” said Scallion. “They obviously knew what they were doing. I believe it was planned.”

“Maybe somebody wants it to do scrapping with,” she added. “Maybe somebody took it for drug money and they sold it to somebody. I honestly don’t know.”

Photo: Gates of Hope Inc./Facebook
Photo: Gates of Hope Inc./Facebook

Without the trailer, Scallion says the nonprofit has to rely on a van, which has half the storage space.

“We just ask that the public keep their eyes open,” Scallion said. “We really do need this trailer back.”

Anyone with information about the trailer’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Fall River Police Department at (508) 676-8511.

You can also support Gates of Hope by making a donation on their website.