Officers credited for saving a sleeping couple during Lincoln fire

Photo: Rob Hogan/ReportIt

LINCOLN, R.I (WPRI) — A building in the Lincoln village of Albion will likely be knocked down Tuesday after a four-alarm fire consumed the structure on Saturday.

Three officers have been credited with saving the lives of those people in the building after they broke down the door of one apartment to retrieve two residents.

“They were actually asleep prior to us kicking the door in, so we informed them there was a structure fire and needed to get them out of the building immediately” Officer Matthew Paradis recalled.

According to Paradis, the couple didn’t have time to grab any belongings because smoke was pouring into their apartment.

Lincoln Police Capt. Philip Gould praised Paradis, Sgt. Walter Ptaszek and Officer Chris Hannon for their efforts.

“Anytime there’s a possibility for a loss of life, you don’t think of the danger. We needed to get those people out of there. And thankfully we did,” said Hannon.

“It’s a team effort,” added Ptaszek. “I’m fortunate to have good guys on the shift with us. It’s all teamwork. Nobody questioned anything. We just went in there and did what had to get done, got it done, and luckily it was a positive outcome.”

Police: Officers broke down door to rescue residents in a 4-alarm Lincoln fire»

Ted Bishop was born on the historic street in 1932. He was sad to see the damage.

Revisiting the area “brought back so many memories,” Bishop said.

The building housed the Albion Post Office, a food mart, and the Albion Social Club.

According to US Postal Service employee Christine Dugas, the USPS has an official process in place to handle damaged mail.

“Most of it is damaged because of water and fire and whatever else. They will start to deliver that mail this week,” explained Dugas.

The mail will also come with a letter explaining why it was damaged, she said.

P.O. Box holders were told to go to Manville’s Post Office to pick up their mail.

Officials believe that the fire was started by a discarded cigarette.