RWU professor deciphers recent headlines concerning Russia

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — “I think it is a return to Cold War politics,” Roger Williams University professor Joseph Roberts said of the recent emphasis on Russian activity for Americans.

Roberts, a professor of politics and international relations, said Wednesday that Russia’s actions aren’t unexpected, but the speed in which they are occurring is.

“Certainly, there’s always some pushing of boundaries in a [presidential] transition but this feels different,” he explained.

International stability is beneficial, according to Roberts.

“Are we going to war with Russia? No. Are we going to have nuclear holocaust? No,” he added. “But the more stability and predictability you have in the international system, the easier it is to get things done.”

Reports of a Russian spy ship off the coast of Groton Conn. caused increased concern on Wednesday.

According to Roberts, this is actually a normal occurrence in international waters. He said the U.S. does the same to Russia and China.

On Monday, Trump’s national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn resigned amid reports that he misled officials, including Vice President Pence, about his contacts with Russia.

Further investigations by Congress and U.S. intelligence agencies into Russia’s involvement with the most recent presidential election will be taking place as well.