Rhody Roundup: Could Facebook save the world?

It’s time now for the Rhody Roundup!
We chatted about some of the headlines making the rounds this week…
Our panel this morning was Rosanna Ortiz from StyleWeek, Local personality and host of Drag Bingo, Haley Star and Local chef and restaurateur, Nick Rabar

– Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, says he wants his social network to save the world!
Talking about how he wants Facebook to bring people together, not divide…
In this polarizing political time — do you think there’s just too much over-sharing?

– Earlier this week, we celebrated Valentine’s Day and a new survey shows that most people would choose a million dollars over true love.
Would you?

A 27-year-old American woman has now visited every country in the world — in record time, just a year and a half.
Where would you want to visit? Would you want to travel around for an extended amount of time?