Mild weather doesn’t slow Rhode Islanders headed to Yawgoo Valley

EXETER, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Islanders have been taking advantage of the recent spring-like weather to have fun doing some winter activities.

Pinpoint Weather Meteorologist Pete Mangione spent some time on Wednesday at Rhode Island’s only ski resort, Yawgoo Valley.

The slower snow was helping some beginners learn.

“I am able to get on more difficult courses when I wouldn’t have been able to,” explained Roman Murphy, who has only skied twice.

Alexander Murphy, who was also out skiing, only commented that the mild weather was odd.

“I had to take off my coat,” she said.

Tracy Hartman works at Yawgoo Valley. “The two snowstorms we had really helped push business our way,” she said. “We are grateful for that.”

The ski resort can create snow, but the weather has been even too mild for that.

Instead, Yawgoo takes snow saved in piles during previous cold nights.

Hartman said in a worst case scenario, the ski resort could stay open for a few more weeks without snow.

“We will see what Mother Nature does and hopefully, she’ll help us out,” Hartman added.