Calming yoga poses

School vacation week is winding down and you may be looking for a calm activity to reset before the kids head back to work. Sohini Striuli from All That Matters yoga + holistic health center demonstrates the following yoga poses:


3 part Yogic breath:yoga breath

Inhale: belly – ribs – chest

Exhale: chest – ribs- belly


Chair Yoga Sequence

  1. Seated Cat/Cow


Inhale, look up, lift chin, arch spine, lift tail bone

Exhale, close eyes, round spine, tuck chin, curl tail bone

Benefits- lubricates spine, healthy back, improves core

3 breaths


            2. Seated Half Moonyoga-stretch-small


Interlock thumbs- stretch fingers

Inhale arms overhead

Exhale stretch to the right 

breathe and hold

Inhale back to center 

Repeat opposite side

Benefits – strengthens core


          3. Seated Spinal Twistyoga spinal twist



Exhale twist/rotate body to the right

Look over shoulder

Repeat opposite side

Benefits – digestion, healthy spine


  1. Forward Foldyoga forward fold



Exhale fold over the thighs – hands to ground

Benefits- mental clarity, calm, releases lower back