Lincoln police officers honored for heroic actions

Photo: Rob Hogan/ReportIt

LINCOLN, R.I. (WPRI) — At the Lincoln town council meeting Tuesday night, 3 Lincoln police officers were recognized for their heroic actions.

Officers Matthew Paradise, Chris Hannon and Sergeant Walter Ptaszek were the first to arrive on scene of a fire at a building on February 11th.

The fire destroyed the Albion Post Office, a food mart, a social club and several apartment buildings.

The officers are credited with waking sleeping residents and helping them to evacuate their homes.

“They were sleeping, they really had no idea what was going on outside. So at that point, we had to make a decision to knock the door down and get them out of there,” recalls Officer Christopher Hannon.

Officer Matthew Paradis also recounted the incident,”By the time we got them out of the residence, it was very hard to see in the hallway at that point, it was already filled up with smoke.”

Investigators say the fire was accidental and was sparked by careless disposal of smoking materials.