Teacher hopes his shots will be seen ’round the world

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — If you’re ever challenged by Peter Mollo to a game of horse – you’d be wise not to accept.

Mollo, a physical education teacher at Shea High School, can not only make some outlandish shots, but he makes it look all too easy.

The former RIC basketball player has been putting up trick shots in Shea’s gym for years: first for fun, then by request.

Now, Mollo wants to take his skills before a much bigger audience in an effort to raise money to spruce up the Raiders’ gym and other athletic facilities.

“We have some great athletes,” he said. “Our basketball team went undefeated, 18 and 0. We always have a competitive soccer team. Football team won the Super Bowl.”

Mollo hopes the more people who see his trick shots, the better chance he has at getting some help for his students.

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