8 foods to buy before a snowstorm

(Heather Pelat/Nexstar Media)

(WTNH) — People will be headed to the grocery store for the frenzied bread and milk stock up ahead of Tuesday’s massive snowstorm in the Northeast, but what else should you consider buying?

Here are eight suggestions from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

1. Water

As there is a threat of pipes freezing, it’s always good to have water on hand. FEMA suggests one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days. In other words, stock up 3 gallons for each person in your house.

2. Canned Soup

Canned soup is an easy way to stay warm. It can also be eaten directly out of the can if power is lost. Just remember to have a crank can opener on hand.

3. Crackers

No bread? Crackers are versatile enough to be used as a bread substitute and are quick to snack on.

4. Fruit

Fruit like apples, oranges, and bananas don’t have to be refrigerated. You can also buy dried fruit or applesauce. Fruit is also a good source of vitamin C.



5. Canned tuna

In case the power goes out and you can’t safely prepare raw chicken or beef, tuna is a great option that doesn’t need to be heated.


6. Peanut butter

Generally, peanut butter is a good non-perishable, high-in-protein food to have on hand. Add it to your crackers and fruit!

7. Baking mix

No more bread available at the grocery store? Bake some ahead of time by buying bread mix and you’ll have fresh bread to enjoy.


8. Granola or protein bars

A great idea for a snack with fiber and protein that will keep you full.



Comfort foods like chocolate have also been included in lists from FEMA. They help minimize stress levels so go ahead and splurge on an item that will boost your mood as well.


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