Preschool Preparation

Heather Grocott from The Children’s Workshop shares advice for preparing your child for preschool and what to look for in a good facility.


What are the benefits of Preschool?

• Research shows that children with high quality early childhood educational experiences do better in school and have more positive outcomes in life than those children who may not attend school during their early years.
• Early learning experiences help prepare children for their elementary school years – they learn what school is all about, how to follow a routine, and how to get along with others.
• Children who attend preschool become exposed to learning concepts such as early literacy, mathematic, scientific, and artistic skills.
• Preschool programs provide children with a platform to learn how to socialize, learn how to share, contribute their thoughts, and think critically about the world around them.

What should I look for in a Preschool Program?

• Since research shows us that young children learn best through play, you definitely want to be sure the program you select follows a play-based approach. Other things to consider:
• Child initiated activities – children should have choice
• Positive interactions and nurturing relationships – do you see positive interactions between teachers and children?
• Do the values of the program promote what the values of your family are? Are there similarities?
• High quality preschool programs have structure – daily routines are implemented, policies and procedures are in place to address a variety of circumstances and issues

How do I know where there is open enrollment?
If you are interested in enrolling your child in Preschool, simply start by making phone calls to see who has open space.
The Children’s Workshop currently has availability in some of our locations for Preschool children – call one of our schools and schedule a tour!
If you prefer email communication, you may wish to email the Director of the school directly.
Check out the websites of your local preschool programs and see if there is an online inquiry system, you may be able to leave information for the program to reach out to you.