Snowy day activities

  • Popsicle stick theater!
    • Popsicle sticks, cotton balls, contruction paper, crayons/markers

Create characters or cut out photos and glue to popsicle sticks, then have them act out a scene.


  • Guessing Game
    • Marker board and erasable markers

Families can guess snow amounts per hour, number of times the plow goes by, how many logs on the fire, etc. Have prizes to make it more fun like picking what movie to watch or a snack!


  • CARD-io
    • Deck of cards

Establish an exercise and/or chore for each card value. Ex: Jacks= 10 jumping jacks   Ace: 1 push up    2s: fold a pair of socks

Take turns picking cards and completing tasks.


  • Play with your Pet!
    • Dog food

Don’t forget your pets! With all of the time spent indoors it’s a great day to teach your pet a new trick. Use pieces of dry dog food instead of treats!