After storm cancels T.F. Green flights, airport gets back on course

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Most of the flights out of T.F. Green Airport had been canceled Tuesday during the unseasonable snow, wind and rain storm. Wednesday, the airport is getting back on track with most flights set to take off or land, and cancellations in the minority.

But the airport was not mobbed by people Wednesday who’d had to have their flights rescheduled.

Patti Page of Brewster, Mass., was dropping a friend off at the airport. “We thought it’d be busier for everything being canceled yesterday. But it’s not bad here at all.”

“I really thought there was going to be a big lineup and there was nothing,” said Doug Harrington, who was flying back to Saginaw, Mich. “I was talking to someone last night who was saying, be sure to get there [to the airport] early. We walked upstairs [to the ticketing/departure concourse] and there was like, no one.”

According to the airport’s website, six arrivals were canceled and five departures were canceled as of 2:30 p.m. On Twitter, the airport advised travelers to continue checking with their airline for weather-related changes.