Fung: Tuesday’s storm took us over budget

(WPRI) — Cranston’s mayor, Allan Fung, said the preparations and safety measures for Tuesday’s storm were necessary — but will present an economic challenge. He made the remarks in an interview Wednesday morning at the WPRI-TV studios.

“Coming into yesterday’s storm, we were right at our budget, so that’s going to put us over,” he said. The nor’easter forecast warranted “a full complement of outside vendors; about 140 total pieces of equipment between our crews and outside [crews],” Fung said. “We’ll do it because public safety — making sure our roads are passable for our residents — is our main concern. You can see the results today; it’s down to pavement.”

Those plows had spread throughout the city clearing snow and treating roads. “We combatted a lot of icy conditions,” he added, and a 2-hour delay for the city’s public schools was out of precaution as the cleanup continued.

The extra money allocated to handling the storm will have to be moved around from other departments, Fung said. Dipping into the “rainy day fund” would be the city’s last resort.

Fung also discussed some recent adjustments by city council measure to regulations for Garden City Center, and the event earlier this week where the city and local organizations distributed free smoke alarms.

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