Taunton FD releases 911 call after woman is struck by plow

TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) — The Taunton Fire Department has released the 911 call made after a woman was struck by a plow truck late Tuesday night.

The caller initially indicates to dispatch that she sees a woman lying in the street. While connected to the dispatcher, she discovers the woman in the street was struck by a plow.

Police say the victim, 63-year-old Cynthia MacDonald, was taken to Rhode Island Hospital with significant injuries.

“She is breathing, she is moaning,” the female caller tells the dispatcher before speaking directly to the woman to ask if she is okay.

The victim said her whole side was hurt during that 911 call.

Brian Higgins, the victim’s son, said his mother suffered from a punctured lung, broken shoulder, broken arm, broken leg and multiple broken ribs.

Higgins said, “She was pleading. And then when they [neighbors] came out she said, ‘I just don’t want to die.'”

It will be a long road to recovery, he added.

Police are investigating the incident, but don’t have a detailed description of the snow plow or the driver yet.

“All she was able to identify was a yellow plow,” said Lt. Paul Roderick, of Taunton Police.

Officials spent much of the day canvassing the area for witnesses or outside cameras that could help in identifying the driver.

Higgins hopes someone will eventually come forward.

“If you were around there at that time and you had a plow, at least call the police to clear your name,” he said.