St. Joseph’s Day Zeppoles at Lasalle Bakery!

Zeppole di San Giuseppe is a fried dough specialty that was created to celebrate the festival of St. Joseph, a patron saint of Sicily.

Every March 19th, Italians remember St. Joseph by celebrating with Zeppoles, a signature treat for La Festa di San Giuseppe. Today, people of all cultures give Zeppoles to loved ones as a gift on March 19.

We spoke  with LaSalle Bakery’s Michael Manni Sr. and Michael Manni Jr., who discussed how their pastry, cream filling, and shape are crafted to ensure that every bite is as delicious as the next

LaSalle bakery kicked off its Zeppole tradition with two classic varieties – fried and baked – complete with a delicious pastry cream and a sweet cherry on top

As the popularity of the traditional Zeppole increased, people began asking about other flavors. They then created the Chocolate Mousse Zeppole, made with creamy milk chocolate to give it a distinctly smooth taste.

LaSalle then experimented with Bailey’s Irish Cream to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and the Bailey’s Irish Cream Zeppole was unveiled.

Whatever flavor you choose, all of their Zeppoles are created with an old school, old-world, no shortcut philosophy that keeps friends and family coming back for more.

Zeppoles are offered only on February 1st through Easter Day each year.

LaSalle is proud to use their traditional recipe for the many years they have served the Rhode Island community – over 40 years!