Rhody Roundup: Adele may have a secret twitter account

This morning in the Rhody Roundup!

We chatted about some of the headlines making the rounds this week.

Our panel this morning Travis Escobar, Co-Founder and President of the Millennial Professional Group of Rhode Island, Kristen Adamo from Go Providence, and Comedian Andrew Williams!


– No surprise here a new survey shows New England is wicked Irish.

Mass is number one in the country, and Rhode Island is third!

Do you enjoy Saint Paddy’s? How are you celebrating?


Millennial slang do you know it? What were your favorite slang terms growing up? Any you wish would come back?


– Adele has a secret twitter account so she can drunk tweet.

Have you ever taken to twitter and later regretted it?

What do you think about her move?