Subway employees describe armed robbery; Seekonk police seeking suspects

SEEKONK, Mass. (WPRI) —  Two employees of a Seekonk Subway restaurant are describing their encounter with a pair of armed robbery suspects while police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the men.

The robbery happened Wednesday at the Central Avenue location.

“They came with a gun and covered [with] masks,” Nirvi Patel said. “They took all the money from the register.”

Patel and her coworker and cousin, Nidhi Patel, were taking a break at the time of the robbery since there were no customers. It was 3 p.m. and they were sitting at one of the restaurant’s tables when the door opened.

“We thought he was a customer,” Nirvi said. It soon became clear that these men were not there for sandwiches. In the video provided by Seekonk police, one of the men appears to reach for a gun and point it at Nidhi, gesturing toward the register.

The surveillance video doesn’t have audio, but the Patels told Eyewitness News what the men said.

“He was like ‘open the register, give me all the money from the register,'” Nirvi recalled. The men started counting down from 10 as Nidhi struggled with the machine, but they told Nirvi to remain seated with her hands up. Eventually, Nirvi said the men let her get up and help; they took all the cash and walked out the door.

Police said the two men left the store and walked east to a nearby parking lot, where they got into a vehicle and drove into Pawtucket. The men are described as being in their early 20s and wearing dark, hooded coats. They spoke both English and Spanish during the robbery.

Detectives were also able to obtain video of the area near the robbery and said it appeared the men had been around for a while before entering the Subway.

The Patels were back at work on Thursday, saying they are doing fine and are just happy no one was hurt.

“We are safe,” Nirvi said. “That’s what matters.”

Anyone with any information about the men, the suspected vehicle or any of their activity before the robbery should call the Seekonk Police Department at (508) 336-8123 or its tip line at (508) 336-7027 ext. 9. Information can also be emailed to