Why isn’t the weather warming up?

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — February’s spring-like temperatures have not continued into the official spring season this March.

The average March temperature at T.F. Green Airport so far is 33.5 degrees, four degrees colder than usual.

So far this month has a colder average temperature than the past December, January, and February. According to Pinpoint Weather Meteorologist Pete Mangione, it could stay that way.

Why are the cold temps sticking around?

It goes back to the positioning of the jet stream, said Mangione. Currently, the jet stream dip has been pulling in cold air from Canada and the Artic.

Over the last few years, a cold month of March has been a common occurrence. Mangione said although last March was warmer than normal, three of the last four have had below average temperatures.

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