Track the results of lead testing in your child’s school

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Rhode Island Department of Health has been testing the water at schools across the state to make sure it’s safe for students, and now there’s a way for parents to keep an eye on the results.

Legislators passed a law last year requiring health officials to test the water from faucets and fountains for lead.

The results form each community are now posted on the health department’s website.

Of the 600 tests collected so far, just a few dozen tested higher than 15 parts per billion, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designates as the action level.

“Generally speaking, lead levels throughout the state are low and drinking water is safe in schools,” said Joseph Wendelken, spokesperson for the health department.

Those actions include having the school stopping the use of the faucet in question, putting up a “do not use” sign, and conducting followup tests on the water.

Some school districts where those higher lead levels were found said the testing was done during the summer – when water was sitting stagnant in pipes – and when retested, the water was well below 15 parts per billion and the faucets were reopened.

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