2 sent to hospital, 14 displaced in Taunton fire

TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) — Crews in Taunton battled a fire in Taunton Friday morning.

The blaze broke out in the basement of a large multi-family home on High Street just after 4 a.m.  Flames could be seen shooting up through the roof.

The fire was quickly knocked down, but not before flames were able to spread into the chimney chase and throughout the five-apartment home.

According to Taunton Fire Chief Tim Bradshaw, the flames were able to spread because the structure was an old house that had been converted into apartments.

An elderly couple was taken to the hospital, said Bradshaw, for what he believed was smoke inhalation,.

Bradshaw also said 14 people were displaced by the fire.

The building was severely damaged on the inside and is believed to be a total loss, officials said.