‘Get Gored For Good’ and support Amos House

Jessica Salter, Director of Development at Amos House, Rachel Colaiace, Director of Special Events at Amos House, and Ed Medeiros, CEO of East Commerce Solutions, Inc. joined us to invite you to their upcoming fundraiser “Get Gored For Good.”

“Get Gored for Good” is festival fundraiser for Amos House that centers around an Encierro (bull run) based on the world famous Pamplona “Running of The Bulls.” The difference? Our bulls are rolling—the women of the Providence Roller Derby, decked out in horns and wielding red paint-brushes— will run you down, while you raise money for Amos House.
The Encierro takes place in the heart of Downcity, Providence, and will end with an after-party at the run’s end—50% foot-race, 50% street-party, 100% spectacle. With your choice of a shorter (1.5 mile) route with obstacles or a full 5k, Get Gored for Good has something for everyone! The day will begin with registration and warm up. Then, you are OFF! Navigate the route through Downcity Providence at your own pace, with “rollerbulls” on your heels, urging you on. Run or walk the route – this event is great family fun for all involved!