Couple wants to auction prized No. 11 license plate for charity

Photo Courtesy: Joseph B. Nadeau | The Pawtucket Times

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A Rhode Island couple is pushing for an exception to state law that would allow them to raise money for charity by selling their prized family heirloom — license plate No. 11.

Low-numbered license plates could once fetch high prices in the state, but now owners can only transfer them to relatives. Otherwise, a lottery is held to award it to someone else.

The Pawtucket Times reports David and Carol Anne Hayes, both in their 70s, won’t be able to pass their plate to their children, who live out of state. Instead, they asked a state House committee last week to create an exception for charitable auctions.

In the Hayes’ case, that would be a donation to both the Welcome House Shelter for the homeless in Peace Dale and the Charlestown Animal Shelter, where they are both volunteers.

David told the panel he was offered $25,000 cash for the plate 40 years ago and imagines it would be much more valuable now.

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