‘Fix Our Schools’ forum held in Providence

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A forum was held in Providence Wednesday night after concerns of schools needing repairs have made headlines recent months.

Just last month, Barrington Middle School was closed for several days after a leak in the roof.

The forum was organized by the group ‘Fix Our Schools Now.’

The outreach coordinator for the Occupational and Environmental Health Center of Rhode Island says this meeting represents a new coalition that’s formed to discuss public school infrastructure, identify issues, and consider solutions.

Lisa Nelson says this is a statewide issue and every school is in need of repair.

“Every school in the state of Rhode Island needs much more attention than we’ve been giving it so we’re hoping this coalition is going to be able to put everything in one spot and allow people to get the resources they need to learn how to do what needs to be done,” says Nelson.

The ‘Fix Our Schools Now’ Facebook page includes photos of what it identifies as problems as schools across the state and what is happening on Smith Hill to address their concerns.