Seekonk spa abruptly closes

Photo: Susan Campbell/WPRI-TV

SEEKONK, Mass. (WPRI) – There’s a new, handwritten sign hanging in the door of Tranquil Waters, a day spa in Seekonk. It says “due to unforeseen circumstances – Tranquil Waters is permanently closed.”

Now, customers like Lori Sardinha, of Bristol, are stuck with useless gift cards.

“People are furious she did this,” Sardinha said. “I just hope she gets in trouble for doing this. When you’re selling things and accepting money and not getting anything in return, that’s fraud.”

Call 12 for Action tried unsuccessfully to track down the owner of Tranquil Waters, who’s listed as June Mundy-Ferreira on Massachusetts Secretary of State business filings.

Sign in the window of Tranquil Waters spa (Photo: Susan Campbell/WPRI-TV)

A Facebook post from the Tranquil Waters page said, “With the horrible economy for the last few years, increases in wages and business taxes, and business going to less expensive competitors, we were unable to survive… While we apologize for any money you may have lost on gift cards, the owners have lost everything they’ve worked for…”

Soon after, the Facebook account was deleted.

If you have an unused gift card from Tranquil Waters, contact the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Consumer Advocacy and Response Division. You can file a complaint online or over the phone at 617-727-8400.

According to business filings with the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s office, Mundy-Ferreira also owned the Burger Bar on Newport Avenue in Pawtucket. The restaurant recently closed.

Call 12 for Action checked with the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office and learned there are no consumer complaints regarding outstanding gift cards for the Burger Bar.