Tips for running into shape this spring

Many New Englanders may be feeling sluggish after the long winter and rainy spring season. Roisin “Ro” McGettigan-Dumas and Mylene Galinta stopped by “The Rhode Show” on Friday morning to share some tips for getting in shape for summer, with their running group.

Common struggles for many people at this time of year include:

– Feeling unfit and sluggish after the winter
– Self-conscious about running outside after gaining weight
– Feel “too slow” to join a group
– Old anxieties about athletic ability
– Having “no time” to exercise
– Being bored of old routes
– Total beginner, don’t know where to start
– Battling with will power + motivation

Ro’s top tips for people either getting into running, or back into running outside after the winter:

  •  Write out your goals! It help you move them from you head and makes them become more real.
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  • Write down WHY you want to get running
    – 1 powerful reason is enough, but write as many as you can think of. These are what will keep
    you going long after the initial enthusiasm wears off.
  • Chuck those old shoes . If you’ve been kicking around in the same pair of running shoes for a long
    time, they could do with an upgrade. Forget the fancy watches, a decent pair of sneakers is a way better
  • Schedule your timeslots for running NOW .. If you showed me your jam-packed schedule, I could
    find you time to run. Honestly,15-20 minutes of running is still great. Those short runs saved me when I had
    my babies and just needed a mini break. Mornings are even better if you can get it done, you’ll feel
    good for the day, and you can relax and save the afternoon for kicking back with family and friends.
  • Sign up for a race. By picking a goal race eg. Half Marathon or 5K, and actually signing up and paying
    for your entry, you will be putting some skin in the game and making a commitment. If your wallet can’t
    afford the hefty price-tag of some races, checkout the Blackstone FREE Blackstone Blvd 5k Series , they
    happen once per month and raise money via raffles for local charities and non-profits.
  • Join a group or meet friends to workout a couple of days per week. This will help to keep you
    accountable , stay motivated and have more fun. Come join our bi-weekly group runs on the East-side of
    Providence. More info at Run With
  • Write down what you do! I created a training journal for athletes because it was such an effective
    tool for my athletic journey. And recently then there’s been a lot of research that show that writing
    down your training give you an extra boost of feel good hormones. It’s like giving yourself credit for your
    effort. It feels good which reinforces the good behavior which increases the likelihood of you doing it
    again .

Run with Ro Coaches for the East-side Running Group
Roisin (Ro) McGettigan-Dumas is a proud running + psychology geek. Ro is a coach, sports psychology
consultant, the co- author of the 5 star rated- Believe Training Journal series, school program developer,
researcher and mother of 2 girls. Originally from Ireland, she came to the US to run for the renowned
program at Providence College, and when on to run in the Beijing Olympics (representing her home
country of Ireland), she stayed around for her American husband Myles Dumas. Ro is also a big fan and
board member of The Lady Project.
Mylene Galinta – Running coach, who’s ran a 3hr07min marathon, is super active into yoga, meditation
and zumba. Mylene is a director of treatment services and applied behavior analyst at Family Solutions
and an incredible artist. Mylene is originally from the Philippines, grew up in Philly, has moved around
the country multiple times, but can safely call Rhode Island her home .

More info:
Bi-weekly running group on East-side of Providence
Free 5k Summer Series on Blackstone Blvd
Download our FREE Goal Setting worksheet from the Believe Training Journal
Believe Training Journal Series can be found at