Taunton store reopens after co-owner is shot

Police investigating armed robbery and shooting at Eagan's Package Store in Taunton

TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) — Just two weeks after one of the owners of Eagan’s Package Store was shot and injured in an attempted robbery, the door opened once again Tuesday morning to welcome devoted customers.

The couple who owns the place, “they are like family,” said Tony Obregon of Taunton. “They are just so friendly. And they didn’t deserve what happened to them, did not deserve it.”

Zhi Chen, known to regulars by names like Sista or Alice, continues to recover after she fought off two young men and suffered a short-range shotgun blast, getting a wound to the side of her body and a severe wound to her thumb.

The day after the shooting, police arrested two Taunton teenagers, a juvenile who investigators believe fired the weapon, and Billy Morris, 18. On May 4, both were ordered held without bail for up to 120 days.

“I hope that whoever done this gets the maximum penalty,” said resident Shirley Mello. “Because it was unnecessary.”

Well-wishers have been streaming to the store for the past two weeks. Though it’s been shuttered, they’ve left balloons, candles and messages of encouragement on poster boards.

The gifts and notes were removed by Tuesday’s reopening. Patrons are still wishing their “sister” the very best: “We’ve just been praying for her,” Mello added.

In gratitude, Chen told Eyewitness News over the phone she wanted to let all of her customers know that she loves them and that she can’t wait to be back at work once she is feeling better.