Kayaker recalls encounter with alligator

SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG/WPRI) — Video showing a large alligator hot on the trail of a kayaker in Mobile Bay went viral. Now, the kayaker himself is talking about the encounter.

Jimmy Williams told our sister station WKRG he was fishing on the bay when it happened.

“I didn’t feed the alligator at all, of course. This one, being a large gator, started coming towards me and I turned and started paddling away. It pretty much trailed,” Williams said.

Not only was the gator trailing, it was so close Williams said he could see a wake coming from his mouth.

The video of the encounter was captured by Shannon Collins – a visitor at a nearby restaurant – and quickly went viral.

Williams said while he considers himself to be a pretty good kayaker, staying inside the boat had never been so important.

“I was sort of thinking that too, just got to keep steady and all that,” Williams said.

Gator encounters are not unusual on the bay, but this encounter was a little different than the norm.

“Small ones are usually inquisitive about stuff. The mid-range ones try to leave you alone. But these big ones, they are protective,” Williams said. “You really have to have your wits about you when you are on a kayak out here and try to respect the animal and usually, you are okay.”