Potential layoffs loom at Warwick schools

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) – Layoffs in the Warwick Public School department are possible.

On Tuesday, the school committee voted to lay off 31 teachers. The Union President claims the school department is using teachers as “pawns” in a budget dispute with the city council.

“All you need for education to occur is the teacher and the student in the classroom,” said Darlene Netcoh. “Of course we don’t need a superintendent who makes $189,000 a year plus about $40,000 in benefits.”

Netcoh says they should save money by putting off the transition of Gorton Junior High School into an administrative building.

She also says the school department shouldn’t buy Chromebooks for the high school.

Meanwhile, Mayor Scott Avedisian told Eyewitness News Wednesday morning that he does not anticipate the school department will need to follow through with the layoffs.