Wet, rainy spring season cause for concern for local sports teams

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) –  Athletic directors, student-athletes, and coaches are scrambling as the high school spring sports season comes to a close.

In the past six weeks, roughly 10 inches of rain has fallen in parts of Rhode Island, making for a scheduling nightmare for local athletic directors.

“It’s got to be one of the worst, top two or three springs that I’ve experienced as an [athletic director] scheduling,” said Classical High School Athletic Director Robert Palazzo.

During the first week of April, Providence saw 3.84 inches of rain. The first week of May was also a wet week, with 3.35 inches falling.

“We wasted at least two or three sunny days this year,” said Palazzo. “The field would just not dry out.”

Teams have been forced to play four games a week due to wet weather. Palazzo said in the future, scheduling might have to adapt to the changing weather patterns. Due to the weather, teams will have to cram lots of games in a two-month period.

“It’s been rough,” said Palazzo. “You want to give [the kids] that great high school experience that they deserve.”

Palazzo told Eyewitness News he’s had to schedule more games on the weekend due to the weather.