Spring weather finally hits New England this week

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – It’s already halfway through May, but it hasn’t felt like it outside until this week.

Eyewitness News meteorologists say Tuesday began a warm-up which will last the rest of the week, and is the first of this year’s Spring season.

“It’s gorgeous, we’re so happy,” remarked one couple walking Blackstone Boulevard in Providence Tuesday.

The beginning of the month saw rain and cooler than normal temperatures, but the sun is finally shining and the warmer temperatures are back, hopefully to stay.

Now that the weather is looking up, people’s moods might as well.

“It makes me feel better,” said Providence resident Carol Fay. “I drank my coffee in the backyard this morning, and I looked at the birds, and I was feeling pretty happy.”

Eyewitness News meteorologists reported eight out of the first fifteen days of May were cloudy and dismal, with clouds appearing on the other days as well. Nine out of the first fifteen days brought rain to Rhode Island, making the first week of the month the wettest first week of May on record in Providence. The first consecutive fifteen days of this month is the fourth wettest first half of May on record in Providence. The nearly five inches of rain we’ve seen this month has far surpassed the May average of three-and-a-half inches.

The cloudy and rainy start of May made it chilly as well. The first two weeks of the month were the 27th coldest first two weeks in Providence in the city’s 115 years of keeping record.