Centracchio: Manchester bomber found weakness in venue’s security

Armed police work at Manchester Arena after reports of an explosion at the venue during an Ariana Grande gig in Manchester, England Monday, May 22, 2017. (Peter Byrne/PA via AP)

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert Monday night left 22 people dead and nearly 60 more injured.

The suspect, 22-year-old Salman Abedi, was on a terror watch list, but Eyewitness News Analyst Lt. Gen. Reginald Centracchio says it’s physically impossible to cover every person on that list at all times.

In the above video, Centracchio talks more about that and explains how the bomber exploited a weakness in the Manchester Arena’s security.

centracchioEyewitness News Analyst, Lt. Gen. Reginald Centracchio (ret.) served as Adjutant General of Rhode Island and Commanding General of the Rhode Island National Guard from 1995 until his retirement in 2005. During his tenure, he served as Director of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency and as Rhode Island Homeland Security Advisor – becoming the first Adjutant General to hold all three positions simultaneously.